Mobile telephone operators offer 100 free minutes for local voice calls


In a bid to ease the financial pressure brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak, all mobile phone operators are offering both postpaid and prepaid subscribers 100 minutes free for phone calls to any local landline or local cell number over and above the free minutes granted under their existing packages. 

This package is being granted under a collaboration between the government, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) and five telecom operators. 

Subscribers can apply for this free 100-minute voice call offer from May 1 to 15 by dialling *170*, followed by their identity card number, press # and call out. The free minutes kick in once an SMS is received for confirmation and valid for 45 days. 

Each network allows one freebie per subscriber. Juristic entities are not eligible. The five operators are Advanced Info Service, True Corp, Total Access Communication, TOT and CAT Telecom. The NBTC also recently sponsored free 10-gigabyte 30-day mobile data, which can be applied from April 10 to 30. 

How Lih Ren, chief marketing officer at dtac, said his company was glad it was able to ease the financial burden on people affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. He said his company also cut back on current price plans and boosted the value of both prepaid and post-paid packages to benefit everyone, from students to small business owners, families or household chores. 

“Our teams are also working 24/7 to boost the network capacity by three times nationwide, with a focus on high-traffic areas such as hospitals and residential areas, as many people are now working from home. At Dtac, our promise to connect customers to what matters most is more critical than ever.”