No curfew for rubber taps


Though the rest of the country has had to observe the 10pm to 4am curfew since April 3, measures have been relaxed for rubber tappers in Songkhla’s Thepha district. 


This is because rubber tapping has to be done at night or in the early morning so the latex can drip longer before the day’s rising temperatures seal up the cut bark. 


Though the price of rubber is at its lowest rate and production is also low due to drought, the tappers are still able to make enough of a living. They are also not regarded as a risk group for Covid-19.


The Ministry hatches plans to solve egg shortage in the South 


The Commerce Ministry has ordered its offices in the three southern border provinces to gather data on the demand for eggs and ensure that there is no shortage during this crisis period. 

Sansern Samalapa, vice minister for Commerce, said after the export of eggs was prohibited the price of the item dropped and many provinces have encountered an oversupply. 

However, the situation in the three southern border provinces of Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani is different, as there are fewer chick egg farms and eggs need to be brought across from different provinces or imported from Malaysia. There is a shortage now because imports have ground to a halt and there is no inter-provincial transportation. 

So the ministry has decided to send a batch of eggs to these provinces to help locals.