TRT leading in exit poll


BANGKOK, February 6 (The Nation) The ruling Thai Rak Thai Party has won an overwhelming 399 Parliamentary seats, according to Suan Dusit’s exit poll.

The poll which closed at 3 pm Bangkok time today showed the Democrat Party winning just 80 seats, Chat Thai 20 seats and Mahachon 1 seat, according to the exit poll conducted by a unit of a state-owned university.

Heavy turnout was recorded throughout the day and expected to break the 70 per cent record for an estimated 44 million eligible voters. Thailand has a population of 66 million.

In the 2001 national election, Thai Rak Thai won 296 seats, Democrat 130, Chat Thai 30. Mahachon was established then.

Thai Parliament’s Lower House has 500 seats comprising 400 Contituency seats and 100 proportional representation seats, commonly known as party list.

The Suan Dusit’s exit poll gives Thai Rak Thai a wide winning margin than most previous poll forecasts including one by The Nation which gave the rulling party 340 seats. Both numbers are never sufficient enough for Thai Rak Thai to form a single party government, the first to do so through democratic election.

Suan Dusit didnot give the break down between constituency seats and party list seats. Parties which won less than 5 per cent proportional representation votes are not eligible for party list. Their votes are instead split between the major parties, according to the 1996 Constitution.

Published on Feb 06 , 2005