Deaths spur SID


The Special Investigation Department (SID) yesterday asked prosecutors to obtain testimony in advance from

witnesses in the case against eight men accused of involvement in the southern violence.

The SID requested that prosecutors record the testimony of at least three of potential witnesses following the death of two “star” witnesses in suspicious circumstances during the course of the investigation.

It also advised prosecutors to charge the eight suspects with treason and plotting terror attacks aimed at secession.

Prosecutors are expected to decide on March 10 whether to try the men or not.

The eight suspects are Waeyusoh Waedueramae, Mumad Kanafi Doloh, Abdul Rosae Hayi Doloh, Ahama Bula, Masukree Hari, Saleh Teng, Hama Jehteh and Doleh Disa-ae.

Waeyusoh, Mumad, Abdul Rosae and Ahama are former religious teachers at Thammawitaya Mulniti School, while the other four are religious teachers affiliated with two Islamic schools. All the suspects live and work in Yala.

SID chief General Sombat Amornwiwat said prosecutors should urgently petition the court to hear the testimonies of at least three in advance for safety reasons.

“The three are presently under the witness protection programme but two other witnesses were killed mysteriously after cooperating with the investigation in December,” Sombat said.

The two unsolved murders took place after the witnesses had given their statements, which led to court warrants against four of the eight suspects.

The eight suspects were arrested in a manhunt for 21 suspected masterminds of the unrest.

Published on March 01, 2005

Piyanuch Thamnukasetchai, Kesinee Taengkhiew

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